Why Volunteer?

Athletics NSW is committed to providing competition and participation opportunities for all its athletes at all levels of the sport. But to continue to do this at the frequency and standard expected - our athletes need your help!
With your help we can;

  • Support the efforts of our current highly skilled and dedicated officiating cohort
  • Maintain the existing event offerings available to our athletes
  • Deliver more events in line with the athletics community's expectations

To encourage community involvement, Athletics NSW has introduced payment of officials. This program aims to alleviate personal costs such as fuel, parking, and other expenses associated with volunteering. Technical Officials can now receive up to $80 per day as a token of appreciation for their dedication.
Athletics NSW invites all members of the community to give back to the sport. The tasks involved is as straightforward as raking sand for long jump to assisting in various event operations. Your involvement, no matter how small, can make a substantial difference in the success of these events.
So, what's in it for you?

  • Give Back to the Sport: Your support directly impacts the future of our athletes and the sport of Athletics as a whole.
  • Increase Opportunities for Athletes: Your involvement can provide more opportunities for aspiring athletes to compete and excel in Athletics.
  • Receive Up to $80 per Day: As part of the reimbursement program, Technical Officials are entitled to receive up to $80 per day to cover their time and expenses.

Parents and supporters are strongly encouraged to step beyond the sidelines and actively participate in Athletics. Your support is invaluable, and it plays a pivotal role in the future success of our athletes.
Join Athletics NSW in making a difference. Your support matters, and together, we can ensure the future success of our athletes and the continued prosperity of Athletics events.
If you are interested and would like more information click here.


How to get started Volunteering?

Athletics NSW advertises Volunteering positions on our calendar, sportspeople.com.au and on volunteer.com.au

Current Opportunties

Date Event Location More Information
     Sunday 18th May 2024              Sydney 10 (NSW 10km Road Championships           Sydney Olympic Park              please click here     


Want to know more about the officiating pathway?

World Athletics has provided an interactive online training  programme for Level 1  and the best part is you can do it at your own pace!  This will give you a comprehensive education of track and field and the confidence to officiate. 

For more information please click here or  contact us here