Athletics NSW Target Talent Program 2024 

In 2024 the Athletics Australia Target Talent program (TTP) aims to offer a flexible education model incorporating online Webinars and an associated Learning portal in conjunction with Practical Masterclasses run by Athletics NSW.

TTP will aim to offer a greater environment for athletes to gain further knowledge to aid their performance development towards achieving higher performance standards.

The TTP Award will be managed by Athletics Australia and supported by the Athletics NSW. 

More information can be found on the AA website

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Education Webinars

The following webinars will be led by Athletics Australia and you can register for them on their website via the link below: 

TTP Webinars 


Practical Masterclasses

Masterclass #1 Performance Testing for Track and Field Athletes

Presenter: COE - Centre of Excellence (Powered by Athletics NSW)

Venue: Sydney Olympic Park

Date: Sunday 8th September

Time: TBC

Cost: $0

What to Bring: towel, water bottle, gym clothing

Join our masterclass for comprehensive performance assessments aimed at enhancing both event-specific and general physical capabilities. Utilising precise testing protocols, we offer invaluable insights and targeted training recommendations, empowering athletes to optimise their performance. Gain a deeper understanding of your athletic profile and receive expert guidance on your journey to success. Reports will be send to participating athletes and coaches post testing.

 We will post an EOI to gauge interest shortly.


Masteclass #2 Practical Nutrition Workshop: Fuelling for Peak Performance

Presenter: COE - Centre of Excellence (Powered by Athletics NSW)

Venue: Sydney Olympic Park

Date: Sunday 29th September (included with the NSW All Schools)

Time: TBC

Cost: $0

What to Bring: n/a

Join our practical nutrition workshop designed to enhance your understanding of how to fuel your body before, during, and after events. This session offers a blend of informative insights and hands-on activities, ensuring you leave with practical knowledge and skills. Learn how to optimise your nutrition for peak athletic performance and gain valuable tips tailored to your specific needs. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your performance through effective fuelling strategies.

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