Hire Our Officials for your Athletics Carnival

Athletics NSW prides itself on the service of qualified officials to assist at school athletics carnivals. ANSW can provide a number of track and field officials, along with equipment and timing technology. 

Our Track and Field officials can assist staff with your events out on the field of play in positions such as Competition Director, Track Referee, Finishline Judge, Field Referee and Field Judge. We also have highly qualified officials to assist with Hytek Results, Pre competition Database set up, Photofinish (electronic track timing) and EDM (electronic Distance Measure) operators.  

If you are hosting your carnival at the ESM Athletics Track, Athletics NSW can assist with your equipment needs. The equipment form is included in the Booking Form

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What Types of Officials do I need?

ANSW technical officials are often appointed to positions to oversee the school carnival and ensure the rules and procedures are followed correctly.

Position Description
EDM Operator Operates the Electronic Distance Measurer (EDM).
Field Judges Assist with the conduct of field events.
Field Referee Ensure that the rules are observed and decide upon any matters which arise during the competition. The appropriate Referee shall check all final results, deal with any disputed points and supervise the measurements of Record performances. At the conclusion of each event, the Referee will check and sign the results. The appropriate Referee shall rule on any protest or objection.
Finish Line Judge Identify the finishing order for athletes in track events.
Hytek Operator Operates the Hytek Meeting Manager.
Photo Finish Operators Operates and set up photo finish equipment.
Starter Supervises the marshalling of athletes for track events and starts the race. When Photo Finish is used, it is recommended that an ANSW starter is used to ensure the smooth operation of the timing system.
Technical Delegate - Admin Are responsible for the seeding and draws for all events to be made in accordance with the Rules and any applicable Technical Regulations and approve all start lists.
Technical Delegate - Technical Are responsible for ensuring that all technical arrangements are in complete conformity with the Technical Rules of the competition. Ensure the proposals for the timetable of events; determine the qualifying standards for the Field Events.
Technical Manager Is responsible for ensuring the track, runways, circles, sectors, landing areas and all equipment and implements are set up for competition in accordance with competition and World Athletics Rules.
Timekeepers Manually record times for athletes in track events. ANSW can provide a Chief Timekeeper to work with your own staff. We can also provide more than one timekeeper to service your carnival.
Track Referee Coordinates the personnel at the finish line and ensures that the track events are conducted properly. When Photo Finish is used, it is recommended that an ANSW track referee is used to ensure a smooth interface for results from the track.
Track Umpires Observe the conduct of the track events and keep the Referee informed of any infringements.


What is Hytek Meet Manager?

Hy-tek Meet Manager is a track and field results program that can seed heats, process results, score competitions, and interface with most Photo Finish systems. It is used by Athletics NSW and Athletics Australia at all State and National Competitions in Australia, and is used at a variety of international competitions around the world. Athletics NSW can provide a qualified and experienced operator to coordinate the pre-meet set up of the Hy-Tek Meet Manager database, and on the day results delivery.

Athletics NSW can provide a template for the competition entries to be entered on an excel spreadsheet, which is directly imported into the Hy-tek MeetManager database. The service also includes a qualified operator.


Resources for Running an Athletics Carnival

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Long & Triple Jump

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Officiating Resources - Successful Officiating

Discus & Hammer Long & Triple Jump
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