NSW Cross Country Relay Championships: Run Crew 1-2 in the men and women events

Published Sun 02 Jun 2024

2 June 2024

NSW Cross Country Relay Championships: Run Crew 1-2 in the men and women events

In very English conditions, Run Crew have dominated the open races with a 1-2 finish in both the men’s and women’s 4x4km events at the 33rd edition of the NSW Cross Country Relays. 

The championships moved to a new venue in 2024 - the Newington Armory in Sydney Olympic Park. A very technical course, the open races were conducted over a 2km course which included a few gradients. Youth events were held over a 1.5km circuit. The course was spectator friendly with the start/finish area elevated, offering great views of the course.

Heavy rain fell during the afternoon with pools of water appearing as many parts of the course flooded and swamps emerged. It was a herculean effort by athletes, officials, team managers and supporters with everybody departing with muddy shoes and drenched to the bone - but what an achievement for all involved.


Despite a seemingly dominant day for Run Crew going 1-2, they had to work for their medals. There would be three different leaders going into the final leg. UTS Norths club, with Ed Goddard on duty, took a comfortable early lead. Sydney University led at the end of leg two courtesy of two consistent legs. World Junior XC representative Ciaran Rushton, on the back of some strong leg one and two runs, hauled Run Crew A, into the lead at the bell. They were joined by UTS Norths and Sydney Uni in podium positions. But in the thrilling race, Norths and Uni would miss a medal as Run Crew B (Ben St Lawrence) and Randwick Botany (Lachlan Stanfield) stormed home to finish on the podium. 

Run Crew A won (58:44) from Run Crew B (59:04) with Randwick Botany taking bronze (59:14). Sydney Uni clocked 59:19 and UTS Norths 61:54. Just 35 seconds had separated the top-4 teams. 16 teams finished in the race.

Sub-15:00 minute Splits

13:36 Ed Goddard UTN

13:52 Matthew McLachlan TRI 

13:57 Ben Bishop SYU

14:04 Lachlan Townsend SYU

14:16 Simon Magner RCRB

14:17 Oliver Neate RBH

14:17 Harrison Phillips RCRA

14:28 Alex Seal KEJ 

14:33 Ben St Lawrence RCRB

14:37 Alastair George Delta

14:38 Tom March RCRA

14:41 Ciaran Rushton RCRA

14:47 Lachlan Stanfield RBH

14:48 Ben Jagger RCRB

14:56 William Mison RBH

14:56 Nathan Breen STG 

14:59 Ethan McKenzie UTN



By leg three, the Run Crew women were in total control going on to comfortably take gold and silver, while their C team placed sixth.

UTS Norths Olympian Georgia Winkcup set the early pace on the first leg clocking the fastest split of the day 14:37. Former State XC champion Kate Spencer kept the momentum going for UTS Norths with the second fastest split 15:17. With the rain getting heavier the course was deteriorating.

At the end of leg three, Run Crew B team led their A team, but Katie St Lawrence (A team), the Athletics NSW Recreational Coach of the Year, stormed home for victory. Run Crew A and B teams had displayed consistent running throughout to grab two medals. 

Three-time winners of the event, Kembla Joggers, won bronze, from UTS Norths. 

For Run Crew it was their fourth consecutive win - an outstanding effort. They are within reach of Sydney University's six consecutive wins in the 2010s.

Fastest splits - women

14:37 Georgia Winkcup UTN

15:17 Kate Spencer UTN

15:22 Rose Finnegan RCRB

15:24 Mia Toohey SUT

15:46 Ruby Madden RCRA

15:56 Katie St Lawrence RCRA

16:01 Bree Golub RCRA

16:12 Jemma Griffin RCRB

16:15 Ruby McPhillips KEJ

16:19 Abbey Rockliff RCRB

16:22 Lora Roff RBH

16:36 Angela Jebb RCRC

16:47 Ivy Canham

16:49 Helena Eastham RCRA

16:55 Jessica Bennett SUT

17:01 Ashleigh Gardner KEJ


David Tarbotton for Athletics NSW

Image: Ben St Lawrence (courtesy of David Tarbotton)