Yes. We are building in a ‘second claim’ system to the membership database which will allow athletes to participate with more than one Centre/Club. In fact, as part of the NSW Athletics Membership structure, these athletes will now only need to pay one state-level NSW membership fee and not a second ANSW fee as had been the case previously (+club fee) so this process will become easier and cheaper.

This will allow members who start their athletics journey at a Little Athletics Centre to continue this journey up until they are U/20’s and still participate in the full range of events and activities, competing with their Little Athletics Centre.

The intent of this partnership will be to minimise the need for athletes to join a LittleAthletics Centre and an Athletics Club.  Regardless of what type of Centre/Club an athlete joins as a Junior Athletics member, they will gain the benefit of all Athletics Pathways events and opportunities.

No. The Partnership provides LANSW and ANSW with an opportunity to pool resources and better invest in the quality of service to members.

The Little Athletics Membership and the Junior Membership for 2024/25 will be $90 (+Centre/Club fee). This will mean that former Dual Athletes will save $30 or $20 on their membership fee compared to the 2023/24 season dependent upon their age.

Membership fees of course go up over time to reflect inflation and other cost increases such as salaries and superannuation, national affiliation fee increases and increased usage charges for items like Timing Solutions but as per the above there are no out of the ordinary or excessive membership increases as a consequence of the partnership.


Yes. And Centres/Clubs will now only need to set this fee once in a single membership database.

All Centres/Clubs will now utilise the Revolutionise Sport database. This database is already used by all Senior Athletics Clubs and One Athletics Clubs. Centres/Clubs will now only need to use one database.

Training will be offered to all relevant Centre/Club committee members and administrators in the new database, which also offers Centre/Club Website, Event Entry, Team Management, Committee Management and Online Shop functionality at no additional cost for Centres/Clubs who wish to utilise those services.

The Revolutionise Sport database meets all relevant Australian standards for data security and the data will be held subject to a single LANSW and ANSW Privacy Policy.

This will be a welcome move for Little Athletics Centres away from the current GameDay platform.

Yes. We are conscious that many Centres/Clubs offer family memberships and discounts and this is being built into the Revolutionise Sport system.

Yes. We are conscious that many Centres use this functionality, and this is being built into the Revolutionise Sport system.

No. It is entirely up to your Centre/Club as to which membership categories you offer and the age groups of athletes you wish to accept within those categories, dependent on the type of Centre/Club you are (as defined in the affiliation categories table). 

The partnership will make the insurance process easier.

As the partnership rolls out from 2025 onwards, relevant Information will only need to be collected from Centre/Club committee members once.

All NSW Athletics members will be covered by the same insurance structure and policies.

The WA Kids Athletics program is an offering that Centres/Clubs can ‘opt in’ to providing for their Little Athletics and Junior members aged 4-14. It is a skills and teams-based development program which can be offered alongside and in addition to an existing Little Athletics program - for example, as a training night program.

More information on membership pricing (including the WA Kids add-on component for Centres/Clubs who opt-in) will be provided closer to the opening of memberships for the 2024/25 season.