• No. Centres/Clubs can still determine for themselves the structure of their local competitions and which age groups they offer those competitions to.
  • Nothing needs to change with regard to your Centre/Club’s weekly competitions and events under this partnership if you don’t want it to.

Yes. In fact, these may be made easier by Centres having access to the Revolutionise Sport database which provides and easy-to-use event entry functionality.

Yes. We are in the process of working with Timing Solutions and Revolutionise Sport to build and API so that the two systems work together seamlessly.

Training and support will be offered to all Centres/Clubs as to the integration between Revolutionise Sport and Timing Solutions.

Yes. Zone and Regional Championships will be retained for Little Athletics and Junior Members under the partnership. There will also be a significant increase in the support provided by LANSW and ANSW to the conduct of the Regional Championships.

Qualification for the relevant NSW Championships will:

  • be solely through the Zone and Region pathway for younger members;
  • be a hybrid model with qualification through either zone/region or qualifying standard for ‘middle’ age group members; and
  • be solely through direct entry for older junior members.

The specific age cuts groups for each of the three categories referred to above are still being finalised.

Under 9 athletes will continue to be the first age group eligible to compete at the State Track and Field Championships).

With the 2024/25 season not starting until August 2024, much more information concerning the details of competitions and events will be released in coming months and dedicated forums will be offered to all Centre/Club administrators, coaches and officials to explain the changes.



The benefits of the partnership start immediately with the 2024 NSW Athletics winter season catering for athletes of all ages and abilities.

The winter season of cross country, road and walks events will be fully integrated to offer Little Athletics and Junior events, all the way through to Opens and Masters events, within the same programs.

The NSW Athletics Winter Track and Field Series (formerly LANSW Winter Track and Field Series) will now also be available to all Athletics NSW Junior Members. 

The NSW Athletics Winter 2024 calendar of events has now been launched and is available on the LANSW and ANSW websites, with entries already open for the first events.

Generally speaking, traditional Little Athletics age groups and specifications will apply for primary school-aged members, while World Athletics age groups and specifications will apply for high school-aged members.

The great benefit of the partnership is that it will remove the confusion as to different rules applying to different events being conducted by LANSW and ANSW/AA. There will now be one consistent set of rules and specifications, with appropriate modifications built in to account for younger-aged athletes informed by expert advice.

As you will appreciate, this is a complex area and significantly more detailed information will be provided ahead of the start of the 2024/25 season in the months leading up to August 2024.


Generally speaking, there will be no mid-season cross over for Little Athletics and Junior members. We are working towards providing a simple and seamless age groups system allowing athletes to remain in the same age groups for the entirety of the summer season.

We will provide more information once this has been finalised and as part of the more detailed Championships and Events information to be provided ahead of the 2024/25 season.

NSW Championships and Events will continue to operate on an event entry fee model. The vast majority of events throughout the course of the season operate on a flat entry fee basis and cover the costs of putting events on, including the paid officiating scheme. This is also an important equity measure to ensure that the smaller percentage of athletes competing in NSW-level competition are not unfairly subsidised by higher membership fees paid by all NSW athletes – the majority of whom only compete in Centre/Club level events.

More information concerning the details of event entry fees will be released closer to the 2024/25 season.

No. On the contrary, it will significantly expand competition opportunities for teenagers with the full suite of Treloar Shield, High Velocity (jumps and sprints), Milers and Throwers Club competitions now available to every NSW Athletics member in the relevant age groups.

While duplicated Championship events will be removed leaving a single NSW Champion for each age group in each event, the total number of competition opportunities throughout the season will increase significantly.

The Little Athletics Championships in early 2025 will now enjoy access to the same level of coverage investment as the NSW Junior Championships and NSW All Schools - with the full roll out of the ANSW / Athletic Live partnership.

Work has commenced on the 2024/25 Summer Calendar and further information will be released closed to the 2024/25 season.

The Athletic Live offering means that there will be instant live results for every track and field event across the program, as well as high-definition video of almost every attempt at every field event across the program - in addition to the Live Stream broadcast. This dramatically improves the coverage for field athletes in particular.

The Athletic Live system also allow Centre/Club administrators, athletes and spectators to search entries and results by name and by Centre/Club - dramatically improving the process for Centres/Clubs to collate the entries and results of their athletes.

No. The NSW All Schools and Primary Schools Carnival will continue to be run as normal.

Again, the Primary Schools Championship will now also get the benefits of the ANSW / Athletic Live partnership (see above).