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Rejoov Runners profile

Rejoov Runners profile

Author: David Tarbotton & Ron Bendall/Wednesday, 15 February 2017/Categories: Coaching Profiles

15 Feb 2017


Ever wondered how clubs and groups form?


Ever wondered how clubs form? They are, not always, but invariably coach-driven. A recent survey of coaches of entries of the NSW Junior Championships, highlighted little pockets of growth in NSW country and the metropolitan area. This growing seed can often be the arrival of a coach to an area, or maybe a coach resumes coaching after a break or a coach seeing a need and an opportunity. In this article, we follow Greta Truscott’s development of the Rejoov Runners.


Husband and wife, Chris and Greta Truscott are the principal coaches and lead the Rejoov Runners, primarily based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Greta moved to Sydney from Alice Springs in 2003, after meeting Chris at Thredbo running week.

“In 2004 I started ‘Rejoov: Sports Massage and Fitness’ which involved sports massage and PT sessions for runners and triathletes,” recalled Greta, who during this time was also working fulltime in OT and training herself.

The PT sessions had quickly morphed into one-to-one for runners and triathletes through referrals from our social network. I was coaching some running, cycling and swimming sessions one-to-one; this became two, and then three clients per session. In 2007 I stopped working in OT and by 2008 Rejoov Runners was launched. Working as an Occupational Therapist was a great career, but I simply followed my heart in continuing my own business with coaching Rejoov Runners. It had grown to where the focus was on running as I loved running the most.”


In the 2000s there was a booming running and fitness industry it was pretty tough and competitive between coaches and clubs in Sydney.

“My athletes knew how challenging this period was, but my runners really encouraged me to keep going. If it wasn’t for my clients and my originals, namely Rebecca Munro, Jacqui Fox and Tracy Williams etc, I probably would have gone back to OT or just massaging.”


But Greta persevered and Rejoov Runners grew to now where they are well established leaders in the industry.

“Chris and I work alongside many coaches in the Eastern Suburbs where everyone looks to be doing a brilliant job with their groups and squads. Whilst it can be competitive between coaches there is a coaching camaraderie and friendliness between coaches, which I enjoy.”


In 2010, Greta’s husband Chris Truscott, started assisting in the coaching. For decades, Chris was a very good athlete himself. A regular placegetter, in team events, at state championships - on the road and over cross country, he currently is on a 22-year streak of sub-50 runs in the city to surf. He continues to work in the finance industry, but also assists with Rejoov Runners ‘on-line’ coaching and also some of the group sessions.


The group evolved into more than just a bunch of athletes meeting for a run.

“The camaraderie and encouraging each other to keep going even in the face of life’s challenges is what keeps all us Rejoovers thriving and joking our way round the park and the Eastern Suburbs.”  

Greta is rightly proud of the group they have formed.

“Rejoov has grown into a well-established, popular distance running group in Sydney, thanks to all the runners. They are a club of all abilities from beginners to advanced including runners qualifying for a seeded top 30 start in Sydney’s City to Surf. We are a welcoming, social, chatty and fun loving bunch. The squad are high achievers in their study and work fields as well as their running. They are very talented and really desire to run their best, enjoy it, socialise and keep sharp in mind and body. We have lawyers, doctors, shop owners, waitresses, physiotherapists, osteopaths, directors, CEOs, managers, bankers, television producers, writers, teachers, marketing gurus, graphics artists, sales reps, etc, you name it we have it! We have Aussies and runners from overseas, singles, couples, kids/teenagers and families. They range in age from four to 70+.”

They are also affiliated with Athletics NSW:

“Because our vision is to encourage adults and kids to become more involved in track & cross country, not just the road and trail. Little Athletics is booming on the track so we want that to be the same for adults. Athletics NSW aims to break down the elitist view of the track. Those track & cross country events that had perhaps seemed "daunting" are actually a lot of fun and are wonderful achievements for everyone. Not to mention track and cross country events are lighter on the joints than just road racing all the time. We love road racing, but it's fantastic to mix things up.”


The Rejoov Runners train in the Eastern Suburbs at Centennial Park, ES Marks track and Coogee Beach on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday to Thursday.

You can contact Greta or Chris, via their public Facebook page or emails: 


David Tarbotton for Athletics NSW

Image: Rejoov Runners (image courtesy of Greta Truscott)


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