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sprints - ron bendall

ANSW Club:
UTS Northern Suburbs
Current Coaching Roles:
Head coach at Loretto Kirribilli and sprints coach at St Aloysius College
Relays coach for NSW state teams for the past nine years.
Athletes who you coach / have coached:
Nicolette Donofrio, Liz Clay, Katrina Hunt, Ashley McMahon, Anthony Coolum, John Farrow
Why are you involved in ANSWTTP?
I get a thrill out of coaching in athletics. It is a great buzz to work with a young athlete during the winter and then watch them take everyone by surprise the next summer!
Apprentice coach:
Ryan Dowling - Masters athlete, finalist in the 110m Hurdles at the 2018 Australian Open Championships, Gold Coast

hurdles - andy burton

ANSW Club:

UTS Northern Suburbs
Coaching Experience:
Has been coaching athletics for over 20 years
Has had dozens of state and national medalists over the years
Athletes who you coach / have coached:
Kat Hunt, Bryce Collins, Jacinta Fisher, Matt Crowe
Why are you involved in TTP?
Have a passion for coaching and helping athletes achieve their potential

Middle distance - ian hatfield

ANSW Club:

Kembla Joggers
Coaching Experience:
Level 4 Middle Distance Coach, Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
Athletes who you coach / have coached:
Ryan Gregson, Chloe Tighe, Kevin Batt, David Ricketts and many more
Why are you involved in TTP?
To help bring together talented athletes for some great training sessions, and to assist them by passing on some useful information I have gained over many years.

walks - frank overton

ANSW Club:
Coaching and Other Experience:
Level 4 Walks, Sprints & Distance Coach
Prior to coaching, was an active athlete having won numerous championships as a junior and senior
Also involved with athletics as an Official
Recipient of merit awards with the Australian Federation of Race Walking
Recipient of Australian Sports Medallion for services to our sport of Athletics.
Achievements as a coach:
Coached many NSW and Australian champions, and through to international levels

long jump, triple jump - andrew murphy

ANSW Club:
Coaching Experience:
Moved into coaching following a successful career as an elite triple jumper
Why do you coach?
"I coach for the enjoyment of helping athletes achieve their goals and watching them believe in their ability. The journey is often more exciting than the end result and experiencing it with the athlete is a very special time"

high jump - Matt Horsnell

ANSW Club:
Coaching Experience:
Has been coaching for the past 26 years - focus on jumps for the past 18 years
Has had numerous state and national champions
Proudest moment as a coach?
When Nicola McDermott won a bronze medal at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in the high jump
Primary goal as a coach?
To see athlete progress, uninjured who are fitter, stronger and more powerful than when they started, whilst still enjoying their sport.

Pole vault - zsuzsa olgyay-szabo

About You:
Founder of Seahawks Track and Field Academy
CEO of DBands Australia
Athletes You Coach:
Angus Armstrong, Alysha Burnett, Alec Diamond, Jack Hicking, Kyle Cranston
Achievements as an athlete:
World Indoor Championships bronze, European Indoor Record , Competed at Sydney Olympic Games
Achievements as a coach:
Numerous athletes at World Junior and Youth, University Games and Commonwealth Games
1 x Australian Open Champions, 31 x Australian Junior Champions, 100+ medals across multiple events

shot put, discus, hammer - bre clement

 ANSW Club:
Coaching Experience:
Currently coaches squad of both able bodied and para athletes in Hammer, Discus and Shot Put
Started coaching in 2010 with Karyne Di Marco (AA National Junior Coach)
Achievements as a coach:
Team coach at Para World Champs 2015 & 2017, Team coach at 2016 Rio Paralympics, Team coach at 2014 Youth Olympic Games
Athletes you coach:
Alex Hulley, Guy Henly, Costa Kousparis, Nicole Harris
Apprentice Coach:
Tai Denicaucau 

javelin - kerry smith

 ANSW Club:
About You:
Been involved in athletics for over 40 years - coach a small group of athletes on the Central Coast.
Athletes who you coach:
I coach Rae Anderson who has compete at the past two Para World Championships & also threw in Rio at the Paralympics. Has also coached many junior medalists. 
Why are you involved in TTP?
I want to help raise the profile of Javelin in NSW, and help young athletes to achieve their potential.

para - Matt Rawlings

  ANSW Club:
Hills Athletics
Athletes you coach:
Stephanie Schweitzer, Kailyn Joseph, Tamsin Colley
Achievements as a coach:
Have had para athletes at the past 5 World Championships, World Championships medallists, Athletes competed at both London and Rio Paralympics, Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.
2018 ANSW Para Coach of the year

sprints athletes

Greta Andrews (Melinda Gainsford-Taylor), Keegan Bell (Greg Smith), Gabrielle Bingham (Greg Smith), Elena Delaveris (Michael Dooley), Alice Dixon (Melinda Gainsford-Taylor), Nicolette Donofrio (Ron Bendall), Sara Dougan (Andrew Murphy), Caitlyn Ferrier (Marilyn Pearson), Jasmin Guthrie (Matt Fowler), Jack Hornery (Mark Redrup), Emma Klasen (Michael Dooley), Jessica Laurance (Greg Smith), Taliah Lummow (Roger Fabri), Jai MacPherson (Lee Clarke), Teah MacPherson (Lee Clarke), Damien Mizzi (Stuart Godwin), Sebastien Moir (Andrew Murphy), Georgia Munro (Peter Gentz), Emma O'Reilly (Robyn O'Reilly), Godwin Opoku-Mensah (Daniel Suchy), Taine Petersen (Keatyn Davies), Monique Quirk (Greg Smith), Ella Randazzo (Jacinta Doyle), Brad Simpson (Rachel Simpson), Cameron Steer (Tom Ristuccia)

hurdles athletes

Zara-Claire Azzi (Malcolm Baker), Emily Britton (Mick Zisti), Lachlan Dalton (Du'aine Ladejo), Nicholas Dang (Michael Zisti), Susie Douglas (Ron Bendall), Mark Fokas (Natasha Stenberg), Isabella Guthrie (Matt Fowler), Georgia Healy (Andy Burton), Mia Hemsworth (Gareth Watkins), Riley Hemsworth (Cathy Walsh), Thomas Hunt (Andy Burton), Mitchell Lightfoot (Peter Gentz), Andrea Marshall (Michelle Douglas), Scarlett Pye (Matt Pye), Tiahna Skelton (Peter Gentz), Abigail Stevanovic (Mick Zisti), Albert Swann (Andy Burton / Andrew Murphy), Jack weinstein (Michelle Douglas)

middle distance athletes

Joshua Atkinson (Graham Garnett), Angus Beer (Dani Andres), Ethan Brouw (James Patrick Fitzgerald), Sidney Burrell (Graham Garnett), Lauren Carey (John Bowers), Jordan Doris (Lindsay Watson), Imogen Gardiner (Deb Walsham), Sophie Gocher (Gary Mullins), Luke Gosper (Lindsay Watson), Jack Gould (Jamie Gould), James Healey (Paul Micale), Renee Lewis (Dani Andres), Elliott McGaughran (Caroline Bailey), Elliot Metcalf (Ben Liddy), Sarah Pickering (Michael Pickering), Sarah Schiffman (Guy Creber), Amy Sligar (Guy Creber), Tiahna Woodger (Owen Stewart), Luke Young (Jason Maxwell)

Walks Athletes

Emma Blanch (Jock Campbell), Hannah Bolton (Frank Overton, Lauren Richardson), Jack McGinniskin (Frank Overton), Hannah Mison (Frank Overton, Mark Conyers), Allanah Pitcher (Frank Overton, Lauren Richardson)

Long & Triple Jump Athletes

Tomysha Clark (Stacey Taurima, Renae Clark), Laud Codjoe (Paanii Codjoe), Samantha Dale (John Sharpe), Katie Gunn (Matthew Horsnell), Alyssa Lowe (Paul Switzer), Ryan Marshall (Leanne Pejkovic), Charlotte McGill (Lyn Jacenko), Connor Murphy (Andrew Murphy), Tull Murphy (Marilyn Pearson), Godfrey Okerenyang (Mick Dare), Desleigh Owusu (Greg Smith), Leroy Reid (Trevor Reid), Zoe Warland (Jane Jamieson), Lily Worrall (Ron White)

High Jump Athletes

Alannah Green (Michael Hamlyn-Harris), Theo Kidd (Michael Hamlyn-Harris, Andrew Murphy), Nicholas Kollias (Wal & Lyn Jacenko), Eva Kostopolous (Danielle Clarke), Annika Lynch, Tallulah Moir-Balboa (Wal & Lyn Jacenko), Charlotte O'Brien (Danielle Clarke), Isabella Rudolph (Leanne Pejkovic), Bella Stewart (Matt Horsnell), Jesse Tindall (Nick Maroney), Jono Titmarsh (Andrew Murphy), Rosie Tozer (Michael Hamlyn-Harris), Emily Whelan (Mark Taylor)

pole vault athletes

James Gorham (Zsuzsa Olgyay-Szabo), Georgia Hulley (Zsuzsa Olgyay-Szabo), Ethan Princena-White (Zsuzsa Olgyay-Szabo), Nickolai Simmons (Zsuzsa Olgyay-Szabo), Anastasia Williams (Zsuzsa Olgyay-Szabo)

Shot, Hammer, discus athletes

Nicholas Bignall (David Bignall), Samira Cox (Ben Towers), Bella Ferfoglia (Gerry Target), Renee Hardy (Karyne Di Marco, Bre Clement), Lilly Hewitt (Bill Jacob), John Hunter (Nick Sawaszenko, Salla Sipponen), Zaidan Minslow (Lawrie Barclay), Brendon Neich (Karyne Di Marco, Bre Clement), Teagan Neich (Karyne Di Marco, Bre Clement), Jason Parmaxidis (David Bruce), Alysha Pearson (Karyne Di Marco, Bre Clement), Vincent Reilly (Ernie Shankelton), Nicole Robertson (Bre Clement), Thomas Shannon (James & Felicity Shannon), Sally Shokry (Denis Knowles, Karyne Di Marco, Bre Clement)

javelin athletes

Lianna Davidson (Hayden Perry), Brooke East (Annabel Davies), Olivia Hayes (Ray Russell), Matthew McVey (Lukas Cannan), Seamus O'Connor (Andrew Murphy, Rhys Stein), Joshua Yeoh (Rhys Stein)

para athletes

Rosemary Boyland - Throws (Matt Rawlings), Tamsin Colley - Sprints (Matt Rawlings), Summer Giddings - Sprints, Jumps (Matt Rawlings), James Gladman - Sprints (Alysha Burnett), Alissa Jordaan - Sprints (Peet Jordaan, Sebastian Kuzminski), Kailyn Joseph - Jumps, Sprints (Matt Rawlings), Lleyton Lloyd - Sprints (Shaun Fletcher), Mali Lovell - Sprints, Middle Distance (Melinda Gainsford-Taylor, Katie Edwards), Edward Parker - Sprints (Matt Rawlings), Holly Saunders - Jumps (Jane Jamison), Belinda Scott - Middle Distance (Deb Walsham), Karlee Symonds - Sprints, Middle Distance (Barry Creer)