Centres/Clubs will now only be required to complete one online NSW Athletics Affiliation Form and pay one NSW Athletics Affiliation fee (see below).

Centres/Clubs will now also only be required to comply with one set of affiliation requirements and submit relevant paperwork (e.g. AGM minutes, annual reports etc) once, making life easier for busy committee members.

The NSW Athletics Centre/Club affiliation process will open in April and support will be offered by the LANSW and ANSW staff to committee members going through the process.

The simple answer is no.  Centres/Clubs will be assigned an affiliation class that is consistent to the affiliation type they have held traditionally.  Only currently endorsed One Athletics Clubs will be issued that affiliation class.

An alternative process will be released that will allow a Centre/Club to have an application to become a One Athletics Club be considered.  This process will need to be endorsed by the Boards of both Little Athletics NSW and Athletics NSW.

There will be no increase to affiliation fees in 2024/25 and every Centre/Club will pay the same affiliation fee as in the 2023/24 season if their Centre/Club type does not change, with existing One Athletics Clubs receiving a slight saving.

The only Centres which will pay the higher ANSW affiliation fee will be those that successfully apply to become ‘One Athletics Clubs’ to be able to take on Open and Masters/Concession members - but there is no compulsion for Little Athletics Centres to do so.

No. Centres/Clubs are not required to make any change to their Constitution.

Indeed, Centres/Clubs are not required to make any decisions to ‘adopt’ the new NSW Athletics model - there is now simply a single affiliation, membership and competition structure being offered by LANSW and ANSW together.

No. Centres and Clubs do not need to make any change to their names or logos.

There is no compulsion for Little Athletics Centres to offer membership beyond what they currently do. It is up to each individual Centre/Club to decide which ages they wish to accept memberships for. That said, the benefit in extending athletics to U20’s will mean that members will be able to remain at their Little Athletics Centres until they finish High School.

As set out further below in the membership section, the membership database will also allow Centres/Clubs to cap membership numbers in a particular age group should they wish to do so.

Every Centre will now be able to have these members join their Centre through the ‘Community Athlete’ membership, which is also suitable for ‘Club Only’ adult athletes in Senior Athletics Clubs and One Athletics Clubs - e.g. athletes who simply wish to compete in club-level events and no NSW events. There is no compulsion for Little Athletics Centres to offer the Community Membership category should they not wish to do so.