Athletics NSW is an inclusive sporting organisation and works to ensure that athletics is welcoming, safe and accessible to Australians – no matter their age, background, gender, or ability.

This page contains information relating to the participation of trans and gender diverse individuals in athletics. This includes a competition policy, community guidelines, and resources that support the participation of trans and gender diverse participants in athletics at various levels.

Policies, Guidelines and Resources

It is important that all Athletes familiarise themselves with all policies that apply to their participation in athletics. Athletics NSW has developed policies, guidelines and resources that govern and support trans and gender diverse participation in athletics in Australia.

A short introductory document and an outline of some of the available support services and organisations that can assist.

Competition Policies


Community Guidelines

Competition Policy

The competition policy is relevant for all Competitions in Australia with a World Athletics Categorisation of E and above. Please note that F permit meets are exempt from the Competition policy.

  • Individuals aged below 12 years at the time of competition are exempt from the competition policy under Australian law. They may compete based on their gender identity, with no formal documentation required.
  • Athletes 12 years and older must comply with the Competition Policy for World Athletics Permitted Competitions E and above.

Please see the policy and guidelines documents for full details.

Examples of Competitions where the World Athletics Eligibility Rules Apply

Category E meets and above. These may include:

  • State Championship events – please contact us here
  • National Championship events

Examples of Competitions where the World Athletics Eligibility Rules DON’T Apply

Cateogry F meets which may include:

  • Weekly club competitions such as Shield meets, Interclub etc. - please contact us here

Community Events / non-World Athletics Categorised Events which may include:

  • Events conducted by clubs
  • Winter Cross Country events
  • Events such as Community Fun Runs organised by private organisations
  • Note that some mass participation events may include elite sections where athletes may be required to comply with the World Athletics Eligibility Rules – see the Competition Policy and event specific websites for further details or contact your Member Association.  
  • In all cases, Athletes should ensure that they check the relevant calendar listings and event information which will detail any World Athletics Categorisation applicable to each event.

Further Assistance

If you have questions or require some additional support, please get in contact us here