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Solomon and Starc progress to next rounds in Glasgow

Solomon and Starc progress to next rounds in Glasgow

Author: Athletics NSW Administrator/Tuesday, 29 July 2014/Categories: News

29 July 2014

Solo and Starc progress to next rounds in Glasgow

Day two of the track and field competition program being held at Hampden Park in Glasgow included morning and evening sessions.


Bounding back from a recent hamstring injury, Olympic finalist Steve Solomon (RBH), cruised through his 400m heat and into the semi-final with a time of 46.26.

“I thought I set my race up well,” he told the Herald Sun. “It was my first race in a couple of months, so I was just knocking out the rust so to speak and I’ll come back tomorrow firing.

“I think I will have a whole new tank tomorrow, when you haven’t raced in a while that first one back is always a little bit rusty but I was able to get through as a qualifier and do exactly what I need to do.”


Earlier in the day there was a dramatic start in the decathlon, when Jake Stein (ASW) false started in the decathlon 100 metres.

“I just went a bit too early – twice – just school boy errors really,” Stein told Fairfax media. “You learn to start when you are seven or eight and I forgot how to do it today.

“For a couple of seconds I was like, 'Do I really want to be here?' And then my mind changed pretty quickly ‘yes I do - this is what I have trained for for two years I wanted to get back out on the track’, being inside that stadium is ridiculous, (there are) 40,000 people for (the) decathlon.


After this massive blow, he gallantly continued in the event leaping 7.15m in the long jump, then won the shot with 14.80m. He bowed out of the high jump after clearing 1.96m and closed the day winning heat three of the 400m in 50.65.

Social media was filled with support for Stein.


Jane Saville tweeted: @JakeStein_Dec bitter disappointment, but showing strength & class to continue! You will be a better athlete for it! Long, successful career!


Stein’s room mate had his own challenges, when high jumper Brandon Starc (PAR) left it to his third clutch attempts to climb over 2.16m and 2.20m. He did progress into the final as the 13th athlete and he will be comforted by the thought that they all start even again in the final. In a competitive event, it was the highest height ever required in the history of the event to progress to the final.


In the 400m semi-final, Anneliese Rubie (SYU) gave it a good shot at progression to the final. Running in semi three she was holding down third place, but drifted out to fourth at the line. She ran 52.55, her second best ever time and was 11th overall, just missing the final.


Tomorrow is a massive day for NSW athletes, with eight in action tonight between 7.00 and 10.30pm.


David Tarbotton and Ron Bendall for Athletics NSW

Image:  Anneliese Rubie (courtesy of Getty Images)


Timetable Tuesday  July 29


AEST/day/Glasgow time

19:02     Tue        10.02 M Dec 110H;           Jake Stein

19:30     Tue        10.30 W Hep 100H;          Sophie Stanwell

19:50     Tue        10.50 M Dec DT (A);        Jake Stein

19:55     Tue        10.55 M 110H hts;            Nick Hough

20:25     Tue        11.25 W 1500m T54 hts  Angela Ballard, Christie Dawes

20:30     Tue        11.30 W Hep HJ;                Sophie Stanwell

20:45     Tue        11.45 M Dec DT (B);         Jake Stein

20:50     Tue        11.50 M 1500m T54 hts  Kurt Fearnley

21:15     Tue        12.15 M 400H hts;            Ian Dewhurst

21:50     Tue        12.50 W 400H hts;           

22:10     Tue        13.10 M Dec PV;               Jake Stein

22:25     Tue        13.25 M 800 hts;               Josh Ralph


3:30        Wed      18.30 M Dec JT (A);          Jake Stein

3:40        Wed      18.40 W TJ FINAL;            

4:07        Wed      19.07 W 10,000 FINAL;   

4:30        Wed      19.30 M Dec JT (B);          Jake Stein

4:40        Wed      19.40 W Hep SP;               Sophie Stanwell

5:05        Wed      20.05 M 400 sf; Steve Solomon

5:30        Wed      20.30 W 400 FINAL;         

5:45        Wed      20.45 M 110H FINAL;       Nick Hough

5:50        Wed      20.50 M HT FINAL;          

6:00        Wed      21.00 M DEC 1500;           Jake Stein

6:30        Wed      21.30 W Hep 200;             Sophie Stanwell

6:50        Wed      21.50 W 1500 FINAL.      


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