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Let the Games begin

Let the Games begin

Author: Athletics NSW Administrator/Sunday, 27 July 2014/Categories: News

27 July 2014

Let the Games begin

Tonight the track and field program gets under way with the marathons and day one of track and field at the re-developed Hampden Park stadium.


In this preview we take a look at NSW’s leading prospects and provide a timetable for the first three days.



-Discus women: Dani Samuels (WES) leads the Commonwealth rankings by over six metres and any repeat of her Diamond League form will ensure her the gold, her first at the games after she missed the 2010 games over secure concerns and took bronze as a teenager in 2006 at the MCG. Any competition will come from Jamaica’s Kellion Knibb who has a best this season of 61.34m.


-Long Jump T37/38 women: Jodi Elkington (HIL) & Rae Anderson (MQH) are both medal prospects with Elkington a strong gold medal threat. She leads the rankings by over 30 centimetres and has Commonwealth Games experience in the 100m in Delhi.


-1500m T54 women: Christie Dawes (SYU) & Angela Ballard (MQH) are both medal prospects with Dawes a strong gold medal threat. One of her main opposition will be Perth-based Madi de Rozario.


-1500m T54 men: Kurt Fearnley (MQH) is a good prospect to defend his title, coming into the event as the rankings leader.  His competition will be Victorian Richard Coleman and his long-term arch rival David Weir of England.


-3000m Steeplechase women: After just missing the 2006 team and in retirement for the 2010 Games, Madeline Heiner (KEJ) makes her CG debut in Glasgow. She is ranked fifth, with two Kenyans leading the list with seasonal bests under 9:25. The three Aussies, Heiner, Genevieve LaCaze (Qld) and Victoria Mitchell (RBH) are definitely in the mix for medals.


-Decathlon: On paper Jake Stein (ASW) is ranked fifth amongst entries with his 7601. The two leaders, Willem Coertzen RSA and Ashley Bryant ENG, have seasonal best over 8100, while Coertzen has a personal best of 8343 and has recorder seven marks over 8100. 8512 Canadian, Damian Warner will also be in the medal hunt.


-4x400m men: Australia are ranked seventh, but lead in rankings mean little in the relays. There is no doubt there is very tough competition from Bahamas (SB 2:57.59), Trinidad & Tobago (SB 2:58.34), England (SB 3:00.32) and Jamaica (SB 3:01.17), but Australia, with NSW’s representatives are Steve Solomon (RBH) and John Steffensen in the lineup, should push for a medal.


-4x400m women: Australia is ranked fourth, and that looks a realist ranking on the individual athlete line up. Jamaican (with three athletes under 50.50) and Nigeria (with three under 51.60) have high quality teams. Next with there is a traffic jam, between Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, Canada and England. Australia, the defending champions have a similar line up to England, while Canada will be relying on 400m hurdlers. NSW representative on the team is Anneliese Rubie (SYU).


Rankings of other athletes/squads:

(note Australian athletes generally performance about their entry-ranking)

-6th        4x100m relay (Jarrod Geddes, Tim Leathart and Jake Hammond)

-6th        Sophie Stanwell (MQH) heptathlon

-7th        4x100m relay (Ella Nelson)

-9th        Ryan Gregson (KEJ) 1500m

-9th        Josh Ralph (SYU) 800m

-10th     Brandon Starc (PAR) high jump

-10th     James Nipperess (SYU) 3000m steeplechase

-11th     Michelle Jenneke (SYU) 100m hurdles

-11th     Christie Chamberlain (WES) discus

-13th     Ian Dewhurst (SYU) 4000m hurdles

-15th     Nick Hough (SYU) 110m hurdles

-15th     Fabrice Lapierre (WES) long jump

-15th + Anneliese Rubie (SYU) 400m, Ella Nelson (SYU) 200m, Jarrod Geddes (SYU) 200m

No ranking in 2013 or unknown: Ben St Lawrence (STG) & Harry Summers (RBH) 10,000m


David Tarbotton and Ron Bendall for Athletics NSW

Image: Hampden Park (courtesy of Getty Images)



TIMETABLE (& NSW athletes)


Sunday July 27

AEST      / Glasgow time               

18:02     Sun -      09.02 M MARATHON;    

18:30     Sun -      09.30 W MARATHON;    


23:30     Sun -      14.30 W LJ T37/38 Final  Rae Anderson, Jodi Elkington

23:37     Sun -      14.37 M 100m hts;          

0:35        Mon -    15.35 W HT qual;              

0:40        Mon -    15.40 M SP qual;              

0:55        Mon -    15.55 W 100 hts;              

1:55        Mon -    16.55 W 400 hts;               Annaliese Rubie

2:40        Mon -    17.40 M 5000 FINAL.      


Monday July 28               

AEST      / Glasgow time               

19:07     Mon -    10.07 M Dec 100;              Jake Stein

20:00     Mon -    11.00 M Dec LJ;                 Jake Stein

20:10     Mon -    11.10 M HJ qual;               Brandon Starc

20:25     Mon -    11.25 M 400 hts;               Steve Solomon

20:45     Mon -    11.45 M HT qual (A);      

21:20     Mon -    12.20 W 1500 hts;            

21:25     Mon -    12.25 M Dec SP;                Jake Stein

21:55     Mon -    12.55 M HT qual (B);       


4:00        Tue -      19.00 M Dec HJ;                Jake Stein

4:05        Tue -      19.05 W HT FINAL;          

4:10        Tue -      19.10 W 100 sf;

4:20        Tue -      19.20 M SP FINAL;           

4:35        Tue -      19.35 M 100 sf;

5:15        Tue -      20.15 W 400 sf; Annaliese Rubie

6:05        Tue -      21.05 M Dec 400;              Jake Stein

6:10        Tue -      21.10 W TJ qual;               

6:35        Tue -      21.35 W 100 FINAL;         

6:50        Tue        21.50 M 100 FINAL          


Tuesday July 29

AEST      / Glasgow time               

19:02     Tue -      10.02 M Dec 110H;           Jake Stein

19:30     Tue -      10.30 W Hep 100H;          Sophie Stanwell

19:50     Tue -      10.50 Dec DT (A);              Jake Stein

19:55     Tue -      10.55 M 110H hts;            Nick Hough

20:25     Tue -      11.25 W 1500m T54 hts  Angela Ballard, Christie Dawes

20:30     Tue -      11.30 W Hep HJ;                Sophie Stanwell

20:45     Tue -      11.45 M Dec DT (B);         Jake Stein

20:50     Tue -      11.50 M 1500m T54 hts  Kurt Fearnley

21:15     Tue -      12.15 M 400H hts;            Ian Dewhurst

21:50     Tue -      12.50 W 400H hts;           

22:10     Tue -      13.10 M Dec PV;               Jake Stein

22:25     Tue -      13.25 M 800 hts;               Josh Ralph


3:30        Wed -    18.30 M Dec JT (A);          Jake Stein

3:40        Wed -    18.40 W TJ FINAL;            

4:07        Wed -    19.07 W 10,000 FINAL;   

4:30        Wed -    19.30 M Dec JT (B);          Jake Stein

4:40        Wed -    19.40 W Hep SP;               Sophie Stanwell

5:05        Wed -    20.05 M 400 sf; Steve Solomon

5:30        Wed -    20.30 W 400 FINAL;          Annaliese Rubie

5:45        Wed -    20.45 M 110H FINAL;       Nick Hough

5:50        Wed -    20.50 M HT FINAL;          

6:00        Wed -    21.00 M DEC 1500;           Jake Stein

6:30        Wed -    21.30 W Hep 200;             Sophie Stanwell

6:50        Wed -    21.50 W 1500 FINAL.      


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